Tier 4 – Indoor Golf Centre:

Our Indoor Golf Centre franchise package becomes a Indoor Golf centre with a minimum of 6 simulators. Could you become the UK’s first Indoorgolfcity.com centre? You will operate the ultimate golf centre business within your own exclusive territory and enjoy the benefits of generating in excess of £500k of revenues per year.

Revenue streams are generated from use of the golf simulators, ancillary spend on food and beverage, a percentage of the revenue from tier 1 & 2 businesses in your territory.

The cost payable to Indoorgolfcity.com are:
- Initial setup costs - £49,995+VAT**
- Ongoing monthly revenue split of Sim revenue/society days*, subject to a minimum fee
- Optional additional service

* More detailed costs are available in our Detailed Pricing Model
** Maximum 12 Simulators
*** Indoor golf centres will receive predictive estimates in terms of how much a fit out will cost for the business premises and will help find a partner to complete the fit-out.

To find out more about indoorgolfcity.com’s packages, to book at appointment or for a complete demo please email sales@indoorgolfcity.com

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