Tier 3 – Indoor Golf Bolt On:

Our second level franchise is designed specifically for an existing “entertainment or leisure” business or venue who are looking for additional revenue streams. The indoorgolfcity.com franchise provides a minimum of 4 simulators and is a perfect solution that offers a great add on, you maybe a golf club, Tenpin bowling centre, football club or sports bar. We can demonstrate the benefits of adding simulators to your business with a break down of potential revenue streams available to you.

Revenue streams are generated from use of the golf simulators, ancillary spend on food and beverage, other revenue streams could be generated from your existing business.

Our Tier 2 franchise is a great opportunity to increase revenue streams into your business.

The cost payable to Indoorgolfcity.com are:
- Initial setup costs - £29,995+VAT
- Ongoing monthly revenue split of Sim revenue/society days*, subject to a minimum fee
- Optional additional services

To find out more about indoorgolfcity.com’s packages, to book at appointment or for a complete demo please email sales@indoorgolfcity.com

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