About Indoorgolfcity.com

The Quindell Golf Simulator technology has been in development since 1994 with the goal of providing demanding golfers around the world with their best indoor playing experience ever. We analysed the consumer’s wish list of tools and saw that they were looking for:

  • A way to enhance their outdoor golfing skills.
  • A system that is fun and easy to use.
  • A realistic approach that allows them to experience the wonder and thrills of golf.
  • A solution to enable new players to learn the rules of golf.

In short, you want the best. Quindell's team of computer specialists, design experts and golf professionals responded to this challenge by creating the ultimate golf simulator.

Our Vision at Indoorgolfcity.com is to build a hub of indoor golfing simulators across the UK, which customers can browse and access via the indoorgolfcity.com website.

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